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This web-site has been developed by Tony Bostock of Winsford, Cheshire, England, for the purpose of providing both details of the history of the ancient Bostock name. 

Tony is an accomplished local historian. He holds a B.A. in History (Manchester, 1991) and an M.A. in Local History (Keele, 1994). He is the author of many articles on various aspects of Cheshire Historyand is a regular contributor to Cheshire History and is editor and writer of the Winsford Record. He is a regular speaker/lecturer to local history and similar societies and is a part-time lecturer in the subject with the Mid-Cheshire College, Sir John Deane's College, and has taught with Liverpool University's Centre for Continuing Education and the Workers' Education Association. His latest book is Owners, Occupiers & Others: Seventeenth Century Northwich, published by Leonie Press.
As well as being a member of a number of academic societies in the region, he held the chair of the Cheshire Local History Association for three years, was then Secretary and is now (2007/8) in the last year of a further three years as chairman. He is also an active committee member of the Winsford Local History Society, of which he was chair-person for many years. Having retired from a professional life in public service, Tony now employs himself as a full-time local historian.
This site will contain:
information about the village, the origin of its name, its history and the hall; 
the history of the medieval family;
the main branches of the family;
� Tony Bostock 2007