Genealogy of the Bostock and Bostwick Families (

The aim of this site is to provide as much information as possible on the Bostock and Bostwick families. The families are linked in that the majority of Bostwicks are in a large family tree which starts with a Bostock family who emigrated to the USA.

As for those with the Bostock surname, many separate trees can be traced back to about 1750, starting in Cheshire, or one of the other midland counties. It is very likely that these family trees would connect up if sufficient early records could be found, and that the trees would converge back to the very centre of Cheshire where the village of Bostock Green can still be found. Bostock, or Botestock, is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1087, and the Bostocks of Bostock tree runs all the way from 1066 to the present day.

The main task of creating family trees wherever there are 100 or more related Bostocks is now completed. Some of the smaller family trees will continue to be added, with the aim to provide some sort of a family tree for all living Bostocks.

The main access routes if looking for an ancestor is to use the Bostock or Bostwick Names Indexes, or to look via the Family Trees, for which these are the links:

References. On all individual records you will see short references in green on the right hand side. The meaning of these References can be found in the Reference Sources section.

Contacts. I have been helped all the way in developing the family trees by mail and email correspondents, and by GenesReunited contacts. In order to find my contacts quickly I have highlighted them, or their nearest relative, in red in the family trees.

More can be found out about how the site is structured in How to Use This Site . Aside from the main entry points of the name indexes and the family trees these are the remaining entry points to sections of this site.

A note concerning the recording of birth dates. By changes made in December 2007, I have removed all actual birth dates of (potentially) living people. This is due to the increasing number of incidents of identity theft, and the general advice not to make your birth date too easily accessible to a would be identity thief. Birth dates are now only shown where the individual is deceased, or they would be > 100 years old.

There are now two copies of this website, distinguished by having ( or (GOONS) in the heading on this the Home Page. The sites are maintained in parallel by monthly updates, so it really doesn't matter which copy you are using. The welcome feature of the GOONS (Guild of One-Name Studies) site is that they have designed it as an archive site, which will continue to run as long as they, the GOONS, are able to support it, and long after I may have left this earth. The following is a link to the Bostock page from the GOONS list of of Member Sites