David Bostock (1936 - 2019)

Family Trees: Duffield - Part 9
Son of: Edward Bostock (1908) and Alice Marion Eva (1906) EB
Born: 26/10/1936 in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey EB
Died: 29/10/2019 in Oxford RB
Married: (1) Jennifer Marie (1938) , (2) Rosanna Margaret Pamela (1939) EB
Children (1): Timothy (1963) , Penelope (1965) EB

Educated at Amesbury School, Hindhead, Surrey, and at Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey.
National Service - 2nd Lieutenant E. Surrey Regiment.
BA in Mods and Greats at St Johns College, Oxford, 1961.
Lecturer at Leicester University, 1963.
B. Phil at St Johns College, Oxford, 1964.
Lecturer in Philosophy with Australian National University at Canberra, 1964.
Fellow in Classical Philosophy, Harvard University, 1967. Fellow and Tutor at Merton College, Oxford, 1968 to 2004.

Author of "Logic and Arithmetic Vol 1" in 1974,
"Logic and Arithmetic Vol 2" in 1979,
"Plato's Phaedo" in 1986,
"Plato's Theaetetus" in 1988,
"Metaphysics by Aristotle" in 1994,
"Intermediate Logic" in 1997,
"Books Z and H of Aristotle's Metaphysics" in 2000,
"Space, Time, Matter, and Form: Essays on Aristotle's Physics" in 2006,
"Philosophy of Mathematics: An Introduction" in 2009,
and "Russell's Logical Atomism" in 2012.
With brothers and sister in 1952.

With Edward when he was presented with his bench at York House, Twickenham in April 1997.

Family group, 1998.

With Rosanne at Hugo's wedding, September 2012.

Hugh, Roland, Ann and David at Hugo's wedding, September 2012.