Madeline Louise (1884 - 1975)

Family Trees: Duffield - Part 6
Daughter of: Henry Bostock (1841) and Alice Susanna (1844) DFR
Born: 17/3/1884 in Stafford DFR
Died: 12/4/1975 in Stafford E.RichardD
Married: John Ehrenfried Dorman, engineer and company director of Stafford, on 8/6/1911 at the Holy Trinity, Berkswich, Stafford. T Jun1911, E.RichardD
Children: Maurice Henry (1912) , John Hilary (1915) , Stephen Littlewood (1916) , Richard Bostock (1925) , Michael Cramer Stothert (1927) E.RichardD

1891 Census, Llandrillo yn Rhos, Caenarvon, aged 7
1911 Census, Stafford, age 27, dentist on own account. 353

Educated at Brighton and Hove High School, and at the National Dental Hospital, and London School of Medicine for Women.

Qualified as Licentiate of Dental Surgery in Glasgow (LDSFPS).
Practised in Stafford 1908 - 1942.
Justice of the Peace for Borough of Stafford, 1945


One of the earliest women to practise as a dentist.
T 29/10/1993

Richard Bostock Dorman is email correspondent E.RichardD.
Portrait photo, courtesy of Richard Dorman.

Madeline, in the back row, middle left, in family group at Harry and Nora's golden wedding, 1950.