Bostocks of Leek, Staffs

The family starts in Horton near Leek, Staffs where they were wealthy farmers.

However, the enterprising James Bostock (1814) left house when he was 18, and joined Wombwell's Menagerie, where he later became the contracting and advertising agent. In 1852 James married Emma Wombwell (1834) who by now was owner of Wombwells, and the menagerie renamed as Bostock & Wombwells, and was carried on by James's descendants. Bostock & Wombwells were extremely famous in their time. Much has been written about how the menagerie was run, and how it toured both Europe and the United States.

Part 5 of the family are Bostock-Smith's after Frances Mary Bostock married John Smith. Several of the Bostock-Smiths have helped me complete this part of the tree.

The Family Tree consists of 179 members, and is presented in 5 parts, headed by the individuals shown. Red parts/names indicate a contact.

Part 1 - WILLIAM (1730) - of Leek
|__ Part 2 - JOHN (1787 - 1865) - Farmer of Leek, Staffs

|__ Part 3 - JAMES (1814 - 1878) - First Bostock in the menagerie business

| |__ Part 4 - ARTHUR DOUGLAS FAIRGREAVE (1886 - 1963) - ran the Bostock Cinema Circuit from Ipswich, Suffolk

|__ Part 5 - FRANCES MARY (1847 - 1919) - Music teacher of Bury, Lancs